Wyc Young Person Wyc Children's Mental Health Week

This Children’s Mental Health Week, let’s shine a light on the fantastic work Winchester Youth Counselling (WYC) does in supporting young people’s emotional well-being.

Children’s Mental Health Week will take place from 5-11 February 2024. The theme this year is ‘My Voice Matters’. My Voice Matters is about empowering children and young people by giving them the tools they need to express themselves. And that’s precisely what WYC strives to achieve through its dedicated team of qualified counsellors and welcoming environment.

How Does WYC Help Young People?

Our services include one-to-one counsellingnature therapy, and walk-and-talk counselling, serving local children and young people navigating mental health challenges. Excitingly, we introduced a youth wellbeing drop-in service in January 2024, offering even more accessible support.

We extend our commitment to parents and carers, providing valuable assistance through parent consultations and informative parent workshops.

Wyc Young Person 2 Wyc Children's Mental Health Week

The Impact of WYC:

Winchester Youth Counselling plays a vital role in fostering positive mental health among young people in the community. Here’s how they make a difference:

  • Early Intervention: Addressing mental health challenges early can prevent escalation and promote long-term wellbeing. WYC’s accessible services allow young people to seek help before problems become overwhelming.
  • Empowerment: Through counselling, groups and workshops, WYC equips young people with the tools and knowledge to manage their emotions effectively, build self-confidence, and navigate challenging situations.
  • Community Impact: WYC’s work extends beyond individual support. By training professionals and raising awareness, we create a ripple effect of understanding and support for young people’s mental health across the community.

Supporting WYC During Children’s Mental Health Week:

This Children’s Mental Health Week, let’s celebrate the work of Winchester Youth Counselling and acknowledge the importance of prioritising young people’s emotional well-being. You can show your support by:

  • Making a donation: Your contribution helps WYC continue offering its vital services to young people in need.
  • Spreading awareness: Share information about WYC’s services and resources with your network.
  • Volunteering: If you have relevant skills or experience, consider volunteering your time to support WYC’s mission.

Together, we can create a supportive community where young people feel empowered to connect, express themselves, and thrive.