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Make a donation this Christmas

£15 could pay for a young person to attend a Youth Wellbeing Drop In Session
£30 could pay for a child to attend a nature therapy workshop
£50 could pay for a child or young person to attend a one to one counselling session

We don't want you to feel alone

Are you a young person living in Winchester? Do you ever feel stressed, anxious, or down?
If so, you’re not alone. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and it’s okay to ask for help.

Youth Mental Health support Winchester

That’s where we come in. 
There are ways to help you deal with your feelings and support your wellbeing.  
Don’t wait until things get too much. If you’re struggling, reach out to us today.


We are here to help you

Are you a young person struggling right now?
Parents, do you need our help?


Do you work with young people?

There are lots of easy ways to get involved and make a difference to local young people

Bag yourself a Christmas bargain
Support Young People’s Mental Health, Wear Blue!


Step Up for Mental Health: Join Our Virtual 5K!

“With the support of WYC we as a family have hope for the very first time. WYC has meant the world to us as a family. To have a service like this available is quite frankly saving children’s lives. Thank you.”

“These sessions have truly changed my life – I have seen many positive changes in my relationships with friends and family. I am so grateful that this service is here. It is invaluable”

“Counselling has improved my mental health and made me a happier person.”

“I would highly recommend this service to anyone, it has changed the way I think about myself completely.”