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Enjoy a refreshing and calming walk with your dedicated counsellor.

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Being in nature can make it easier to communicate your emotions.

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Improve your mental and physical well-being simultaneously.

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Our counselling sessions are not restricted to just one environment; making you comfortable to talk and be heard is our priority.

Mental and physical well-being go hand in hand

We recognise the importance of integrating the two together through our services.

With Walk & Talk, counselling sessions can be conducted in a local Nature Reserve. This has been found to decrease feelings of anxiety or stress as some people find it easier to talk when on the move or outside. Being in nature can help you feel more relaxed and calmer when communicating challenging topics or processing your feelings.

“Walk and Talk has helped me feel more relaxed and confident, I enjoy being able to walk outdoors rather than being in a room”

The Winnall Moors offer a relaxing place to walk and talk, a short distance from our offices.