Our Achievements

Our Achievements in 2023

With a rich history of dedication to youth mental health, Winchester Youth Counselling has been a beacon of support in the community.

Our Achievements (2)

Winchester Youth Counselling 2023 Highlights:

  • Reaching More Young People: We provided 2,736 one-to-one counselling sessions to 213 young people in Winchester.
  • Online Support: We expanded our reach with 67 one-to-one online wellbeing sessions for 12 young people.
  • Empowering Families: We supported 76 parents directly through consultations and our parent support program, fostering holistic well-being for families.
  • Transformative Impact: 100% of young people who completed our surveys reported that WYC counselling helped them understand and manage their difficulties better.
  • Nature as Therapy: We continued to stand out with our innovative outdoor therapies program, offering 39 group sessions and 251 hours of one-to-one walk and talk therapy in 2023.

A conversation with Chris Packham CBE