What We Do


What we aim to do

Enable young people to make informed choices about the way they lead their lives.

Enable young people to live effectively and resourcefully through confidence building and raising self-esteem.

Encourage the autonomy of young people.

Provide means to develop self-understanding in young people.

Help young people improve their relationships.

Promote a sense of physical, emotional and mental well-being.


What we offer

We will offer an initial session to discuss your needs and if counselling feels right for you we will offer ongoing weekly counselling sessions.

Common concerns are issues with self-esteem, panic attacks, depression, self harm, loss, anxiety, suicidal feelings, transitions, relationship problems and stress.
If we are not the best people to help, we will refer you elsewhere or suggest alternatives.

De-Stress, Relax and Chill – we can offer one-to-one weekly sessions over 6 weeks.

De-stress – how to manage anxiety and stress levels.
Relax – the art of being at ease.
Chill – how to be well, cool and calm
How to De-stress, Relax and Chill.

N.B. All our counsellors are regularly supervised.



Feedback From Some of our Clients

” The service has been a great help to me, although for a long time I found it hard to be honest with myself so the sessions could be frustrating. Towards the end of the counselling it has made a real difference in the way I think about myself. WYC provided a safe place and a stable place for me to be during some of the hardest times in my life.”

” When no one else is prepared to listen or care you are here to make someone who feels alone and under valued know that there is hope and that someone does care. It is amazing that something as simple as this can make such a huge difference in someones life.”

” So much difference, I can’t explain! I have always thought of myself as an over-thinker, however this has never been helpful. In coming here I have approached a clearer way of thinking that thankfully doesn’t leave me so lost and upset in the process. I have found the whole experience fulfilling and I only admire the process and its practice you offer.”

” I felt seriously suicidal throughout my depression but I had someone to talk to about my feelings and thankfully never actually committed suicide.”

” I am learning to control my temper by having a thinking response before any action is taken. I still have a way to go with my confidence and self esteem but at least I’m getting there.”

” Within myself I feel I am slowly regaining confidence but still need to proceed to developing my confidence and self esteem to others. Overall it has been a massive help and I can’t thank you enough.”