Winnall Moors

We are thrilled to announce that with funding from Energise Me, through Hampshire County Council, Winchester Youth Counselling has been able to expand its Walk & Talk service by an additional six hours each week. This initiative will allow our dedicated counsellors, Zoe and Lily, to extend this valuable service to more rural areas surrounding Winchester.

The Walk & Talk sessions are particularly beneficial and designed for our neurodiverse clients, providing a comfortable and natural setting where conversations can flow more easily while walking side by side.  This form of counselling also allows the healing elements of nature to play their part.


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This expansion emphasises our commitment to making mental health support accessible to all young people in our community, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from our innovative counselling services.

Winnall Moors Nature Reserve Story Trail Winchester 14

For more information about our Walk & Talk sessions and other services, visit our website​​.