Throughts For Mental Health Week Img Jg

Welcome to Mental Health Awareness Week.

The struggle continues for all people coming to terms with issues such as depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, bereavement, trauma etc.  I am aware that last week there was also a report on how our oceans are warming, affecting all forms of life.  There appears to be a flood of emotions in all senses.  I am going to invite myself this week to spend some time to just stop and reflect, to slow down.

What does it mean to have healthy people on a sick planet?  Is that possible? How can I protect all forms of life not just human form?  I am not separate from nature, I am nature.  I know that mental health can deplete and separate people from their inner resources, so as I try to connect to what is troubling, I also want to reflect on our planet being the source of all life not just a resource.

Jill – Clinical Lead for WYC