Looking after your mental health

During these unusual times you may be feeling a mix of different emotions. You may find that you are feeling anxious, worried, angry or sad and it may be difficult to manage the changes to your normal routines. To help with this we have put together a list of numbers and websites to use if you need some additional support over the coming weeks. We have also included a summary of the advice from Public Health England on what you can do to help with your emotional wellbeing.

Think about ways that you can stay in touch with friends and family via telephone, video calls and social media whilst you are not able to meet in person.

Talk about your worries and frustrations either with friends, or online/over the phone via the helpline numbers and websites listed below.

Look after your physical health as this can have a big impact on your emotional and mental health. Drink plenty of water, eat healthily and exercise where possible.

before bed, allowing you time to unwind before going to sleep.

Limit the time you spend watching the news as 24-hour news and constant social media updates can make you more anxious and worried.

Think about ways to create new positive daily routines and set goals to help you achieve a sense of control and purpose.

Do things that you enjoy such as listening to music, cooking, exercise, reading, interacting with friends, watching a film, puzzles, drawing, painting, colouring or maybe try something new.

Try to maintain good sleep routines with a regular bedtime and no screens.

Useful Links

Here are some links that you may find useful, however, if you would like to talk to someone, please call us on 01962 820444