Counselling can help you if you are facing difficult issues or feeling low about things.  

Winchester Youth Counselling provides a safe place, friendly staff and the opportunity to talk and be heard. It really doesn’t matter what the problem is, if something is worrying you then an opportunity to talk to someone else can be very helpful.

We aim to help you get a clearer understanding of issues like relationships, sexuality, stress or anxiety, so you can be better prepared to deal with existing or new challenges.   Your counsellor will help you talk through your experiences, thoughts and feelings and will listen and support you in a calm, non-judgemental way.  Everything is confidential, (unless we have serious concerns for your safety), but we will tell you more about this at the introductory meeting and answer any questions you may have.

Our experienced counsellors provide free one to one counselling in our dedicated rooms at Trinity Centre, Winchester and we are currently offering online counselling sessions during Covid-19 restrictions.  It is likely that there will be a waiting list for counselling.

Feedback received –

“Counselling has helped me to socialise and talk to my family more”

I feel more confident about showing my emotions

Counselling has improved my mental health and made me a happier person

It has also helped me understand myself more and it has been amazing to feel like I can just let things go and not hang on to them