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On 16th June 2024, the biennial Broad Street Gardens event opened its gates to the public, drawing in over 700 visitors. After months of gardening and preparations, 11 stunning gardens, once medieval burgage plots, showcased their serene beauty and provided a perfect escape for garden enthusiasts and the curious alike.

The day was blessed with beautiful weather, encouraging the large turnout. Visitors wandered through the lush, well-tended gardens, gathering inspiration, and marvelling at the horticultural delights on display. The event wasn’t just a feast for the eyes but also a culinary treat, with teas being served in two of the gardens, as well as ice-creams and sweets in another, making the experience enjoyable for both adults and children.

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Adding to the charm of the day was a plant sale, where green-fingered visitors could purchase a variety of plants to take home. A tombola added an element of fun and anticipation, with a range of prizes up for grabs. The community spirit was unmistakable, as people from all walks of life came together to enjoy the gardens and support a worthy cause.

The Open Garden Day was more than a celebration of nature and gardening; it was a significant fundraising event for local charities. The impressive turnout and the generosity of the visitors resulted in over £10,000 being raised. This amount will be shared among three local charities.

Winchester Youth Counselling (WYC) is thrilled to announce that it will receive £3,547 from the proceeds. This funding is crucial for WYC, as it will help to continue providing free, confidential counselling services to young people aged 11-25 in the community. The support enables WYC to offer a safe space for young individuals to discuss their feelings and challenges.

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The success of Broad Street Gardens Open Day highlights the significance of community involvement and backing. These kinds of gatherings encourage connection within the community and have a big influence on local charities, enabling them to carry on with their important work.

WYC extends a big thank you to everyone who organised and attended the event.